Celebrate Your Occasions With Cakingom!

Welcome to our little “Kingdom of Cakes” aka Cakingom!

The cake symbolizes success and milestones, which add more happiness to your celebr/ation. In this customer-centric world, Cakingom adds beauty to your moments with delightful and unique cakes of the best quality.

Let it be your anniversary, your birthday, or any special occasion, we are here with various delicious cakes along with waffle cone cake . Cakingom is adding sweetness to life since December 2020. Initially, we started the bakery shop with the name “Vishal Bakers” and later came up with the idea of expanding their bakery through online platforms.

We deliver cakes for several special occasions, such as birthday cakes, wedding cakes, anniversary cakes, etc. We have a variety of cakes such as Oreo Crush Cake , Pineapple Slice Cake, Caramel Crunch Cake , and others.

As online businesses are growing day by day in India, they decided to deliver delightful cakes to your doorstep. Currently, they are delivering cakes in many parts of Delhi. We always guarantee extraordinary taste in your choice of flavour and design.

So be prepared to experience mouth-watering delicious cakes as our mission is to deliver delightful cakes with unique designs to your doorstep.

Why Choose Cakingom For Online Cake Delivery?

When you will provide us with the honour of baking your cake, either for a birthday, anniversary, or wedding, it will be completely a smooth and hassle-free task with Cakingom. Previously, you need to move from one shop to another in order to buy a delicious cake so that you can magnify the happiness of your special moments.

But now, with the help of the online delivery service of Cakingom, you will be able to browse a diversity of top-quality cakes. You will be able to pick your favourite cake as per your preference by just sitting at your home. When you will select your cake from our categories and varieties, then just order it online and relax as we at Cakingom, ensure same-day cake delivery with 100% finest quality.

Not only you can gift or deliver a mouth-watering cake to your loved ones on their special occasions but also send heartfelt wishes and affection by surprising them from Cakingom. We provide decor facilities for a number of occasions, either for birthdays, weddings, or anniversaries.

No matter, if you live in a foreign country and want to gift melt-in-mouth delicacies to India for your family, relatives, or friends for their special occasion, then you can immensely rely on Cakingom for on-time delivery.

Segmenting things additionally simply means providing simplicity of selection, and this is what Cakingom does with the help of certain types of cake delivery services. As per your comfort and convenience, you will get options from a variety of delivery types and you can choose any of them when you will order your cakes online from Cakingom.

We respect your love and emotions towards your loved ones. So, move forward and order your favourite cake online from this Kingdom of Cakes, and we will provide you with our best quality service with wonderfully baked delicacies. We are able to deliver your order on the same day with extra love and care.

Cakingom’s Delicious And Flavourful Cakes

Flavours play a vital role in choosing and ordering a cake. Flavours are an important part of a cake’s life. At Cakingom, we play with bombs of flavours that explode in your mouth in just one bite and tempt you to order a never-ending cake. We bake every cake with love which is full of different mouth-watering flavours such as chocolate, butterscotch, strawberry, blueberry, etc. Let’s explore all of these flavours in a bit more comprehensive way.

Butterscotch: When it comes to classical flavoured cakes, butterscotch cake comes on the top. Each bite of butterscotch cake is a delight. The sweetness of caramelized sugar coated in cream tastes like heaven. The taste of make up kit cake is sweet like heaven and its crunchiness will blow your mind.

Fruit: The most delightful fruit cakes come with seasonal fresh fruits elegantly smothered in a layer of soft and thick cream. The cake loaded and flavoured with fruits is so yummy that every bite makes you feel like you have made the right choice in this nutritious era. The pineapple crush cake is so yummy and flavourful that is able to drive everyone crazy.

Chocolate: Everything dipped in chocolate or made of chocolate tastes heavenly. Chocolate is one of the most popular and mouth-watering flavours that is in high demand for several decades in various countries. The lip-smacking Chocolate flex cakes have a divine taste that has become everyone’s favourite.

Red Velvet: Everyone will agree that the taste of the Red Velvet cake is divine and delectable and is so flavoursome that will make you crave for it. Red Velvet cakes are beautiful, appealing, and delicious that will simply drive you off your head. The Exotic Red Velvet cake and Delightful Red Truffle cake are tremendously delicious when it comes to sweetness with bizarre crispiness.

Strawberry: Strawberry cakes are generally sold cold and are so yummy that will make you unstoppable from eating them. These cakes have strawberry flavour along with strawberries as toppings at the top of the cake to make it look extremely beautiful and flavoursome. The Berry Strawberry cake we bake with pure love adds extra sweetness to it. Nowadays, this cake has become extremely popular and is in high demand.

Blueberry: The cakes with blueberry flavour are so mouth-watering and delectable that will tempt you to order another blueberry cake. These cakes are so juicy and luscious that will tempt you to lick your fingers. If you want to add a pinch of flavour and experience a mouth-watering delight, then Blueberry Punch cake is something that you are looking for.

Celebrate Your Occasion With A Special Surprise

When thinking about celebrating your special day with your loved ones, you would have often thought about surprising them on that day. You can do this with the help of our duo surprise which is a cake with flowers or a decor. Cakes and flowers or decor is a beautiful combination of a loving surprise that blends with any occasion or a festive season. You can offer a bouquet to your friend or loved ones with cake on their special days as every celebration is incomplete without a cake.

For the birthday cake, order online a crunchy butterscotch cake or black forest/white forest cake, chocolate and cream cake, etc.

For the wedding cake, get an exclusive royal butterscotch cake, white flex cake, Belgium chocolate bite cakes, and others.

For the anniversary cake , you can choose from a variety of cakes such as exotic fresh fruit cake, Kitkat with Ferrero cake, crunchy cassata cake, personalized cakes, etc.

For celebrating your little one’s birthday, get uniquely designed cartoon cakes like Barbie doll cake, Doraemon photo cake, freefire cake, etc.

What We Offer At The Loving Occasions

We at Cakingom offer a variety of cakes that are delightful and incredible. These cakes will surely bring a blast of flavour to your mouth in just one bite. In short, the top-quality of Crunchy Cassata and best taste of Brownie Truffle cake will bring an ear-to-ear smile to not only kids and adults but also to the older members of your family in just one bite and you will crave another bite or a never-ending cake.

We also provide personalized cakes with your photo on themes of several occasions which will add more personal touch to your treats and sweets. If you live in a foreign land or miles apart from your family, still, you will still be able to spend an enjoyable time with your family by sending a cake with Cakingom’s cake delivery.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do We Take The Same Day Order?
Yes, at Cakingom, we deliver the cakes the same day when you place your order.

Q. Can I Surprise My Wife With Flowers From Cakingom?
Yes, you can surprise your loved ones with flowers as we provide this option at Cakingom. You can order a bouquet and surprise your dearest ones to make them feel your love and care towards them.

Q. Do You Offer Eggless Cakes Too?
At Cakingom, we only provide our customers with eggless cakes. We don’t prepare any cake with an egg. Our every cake is tasty without an egg.

Q. Do You Provide A Midnight Cake Delivery Option?
Yes, Cakingom provides its customers with an option of midnight cake delivery. We understand the importance of surprises to your loved ones which motivates us to work hard and perform according to your convenience.